Uncertainty Theories, Algorithms, and Computing Technology
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The Association International Uncertainty Computing

The Association of International Uncertainty Computing (AIUC) is a non-profit organization focused on organizing Conferences for Uncertainty Computing Theories, Algorithms and Technologies which are not limited to the following subjects Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Nonlinear issues on computing problems (numerical or symbolic), Hilbert problems, Symbolic Logic, Mathematical Logic, Logic Programming, etc.

Logic, Sets, Numbers and Algebras hold the keys to the universe. Logic and set theory are most fundamental to all sciences. Uncertainty Computing is the computing algorithms, technology, principles, and theories to find the certainty from the uncertainty knowledge or information obtained from our unknown universe. Therefore we consider logic theory, set theory, number theory and algebra are also the important field to explore uncertainty computing.
Hilbert problems, NP-complete problems, Quantum Mechanics, computability, partial differential equations (related to physics) are also to be studied in AIUC.ORG.

The current important task of aiuc.org task force is to develop the International Journal of Uncertainty Computing which is also called Journal of AIUC with the online ISSN 2152-0917 and the print ISSN 2154-221X. This Journal has been published in online format as well as in printed format since 2008. This Journal also stands for "Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Uncertainty Computing".

The Board of Directors of the AIUC are nominated and elected by the AIUC Council Members. There are honor members, life-time members, and regular members. The honor members and the life-time members will enjoy their free membership. The initial Steering Committee of AIUC.ORG has established in 2006. Dr. James Kuodo Huang is the current Chair of the Steering Committee


Acting Chair of AIUC Council:
Dr. James Kuodo Huang

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